Ani Fine Jewelry

We Are What We Wear & Every Design Holds An Affirmation or Memory in Place™

Uniquely You

As a 4th generation jewelry artist, jewelry design and creation runs in Ani Khachian’s blood. Bringing a unique and compelling passion for jewelry design, Ani’s design interests are a celebration of the human spirit and focus on fine workmanship and excellent quality.  Each design connects and reminds you of your unique meaningful initiatives and reminds you of a priority in your life.  Feel empowered with your own reminder of your inspiration and spirit.

Her breathtakingly unique, wearable works of art are the beginning of your own legacy. Ani Khachian has a vision to present her engineering expertise in a collaborative way to help you make the finest and most intricate works of jewelry that express your inner world effortlessly. Ani’s eye for design and sophisticated taste helps set her apart from other designers as is each piece is curated for you and with love.  Ani Khachian does not sell anything that she does not make herself.

Celebration of The Spirit

Most known for her One of a Kind jewelry pendant necklaces, Ani draws on her free spirit and vivacious passion to make each piece as unique and breathtaking as possible.  Her fine work has helped her to earn many fans across the world and recognition in several publications and shows.  Her collections have been recognized by for the Council of Fashion Designs of America as Ani uses her attention-to- detail and sophisticated touch to make each piece special.

A Family Legacy

Ani Khachian is a self-taught jeweler who received a love for jewelry from her mother, a strong and independent businesswoman who taught Ani everything she needed to know about business and her father, a master-jeweler recognized for his work across the West Coast for icons including Cary Grant and Elvis.  Ani’s father was famous for his work across the community and in 1976, he presented Elvis himself with some of the finest pieces from his collection.  Today, Ani continues to be fueled by her inspiration to continue her parents' legacy.

A Master Artist

Ani has trained with the best in the Gemological Institute of America where she completed her Graduate Diamonds and Pearls Education and her accreditation as a Jewelry Professional.  She also received her designation as a Beginner and Advanced Silversmith by the Silvermine Guild Arts where she worked with renowned teacher Raychel Wengenroth.  She has been a member of the Jewelry Design Professionals Network, the Women’s Jewelry Association, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America, the Armenian International Women’s Association and the Armenian Jewelers Association.