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How Deep is Your Love?

Love, Hearts, DesignerAni Khachian

How deep is your love?.....Sometimes you just can't find right the words to express your love...sometimes there is a serious situation and there are no "right" words....sometimes you are away and can't always get to see the person you care about as much as you would like.

I can help you connect in a loving, unique and special way that will express how much you honor and appreciate that very important person in your life.  It doesn't have to be a holiday or birthday to show them how special they are to you. Imagine their face, and the element of the randomness of an awesome surprise that will fill their hearts and hands with a tangible keepsake made just for them just-because you had a thought and took action.  I can make that happen for you as I model and produce a one of a kind piece of jewelry customized with a message or symbol that expresses you let's express that important message right now and before it's too late!

Let's collaborate and make a piece of custom wearable jewelry art...that will be a reminder of self-worth, power and strength for the people that mean the most to you. That A-Lister, that person who needs to get noticed let's do it. Call me and we will rock that person's world and get them noticed right now.

I have several pieces for sale in the shop, and you can always connect with me at
203-987-5436 to schedule a free consultation for custom jewelry creation.